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Special Discounts for Wholesale and Bulk Ordering SPEED ALERT PRO Speed Alert Devices.

With the Huge Popularity of Speed Alert PRO it's the perfect product to add to your retail shop, online store or car mechanic workshop. Everyone who see's the speed alert pro in action and hears what it can do, wants one instantly! Saves on Speeding Fines and License Demerit Points! Plus making for safer Driving and avoiding potential Accidents.

This product sells itself. Stock your Business with SPEED ALERT PRO products!

With very attractive discounts, you can save thousands on your purchases versus buying them one at a time. You will also save Big on Freight costs! Remember Speed Camera Numbers are set to increase 3000% in Australia, the Best time to act is Now!

Join the Great community of Enthusiastic Speed Alert PRO owners and Resellers. At the same time knowing that you're helping to make the roads safer and save lives! If you're ready to purchase more than 20 units, email or phone us for better pricing..


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TRUCK SPEED ALERT 100 KM/H = ABSOLUTE SPEED ALERT Warning BEEP Audible for Driving Over Speed 100 Km/h for Trucks .. Helps Combat Speeding Fines and getting Told off from your Truck Fleet Management Company .. Talk to Fleet Manager about Bulk Discounts! TRUCK 100 KMH SPEED ALERT WARNING DEVICE


If you're sick of getting told off by your Boss or Fleet Company Manager for Driving over 100 km/h we have the Perfect Solution for you! The All New Absolute Speed Limit Alerting Device will warn you with AUDIBLE BEEP Alert when Driving over 100 Km/H. No more problems with the Trucking Company!

Keep your License, Keep your Job and Drive Safer with Absolute Speed Alert. Uses Highly Accurate GPS for 100% Accuracy with your Truck Travel Speed.

This is the same technology as your Truck GPS Tracking device, which measures your Trucks Speed and alerts your Fleet Company. Our New Truck Speed Alert warns you when driving Over 100 Km/h so your Truck Fleet Manager won't have to have "that conversation" with you.

Stay Safe and avoid the Drama with 100 km/h Absolute Speed Alert for Trucks !

List Price: $198.00
Our Price: $198.00
Sale Price: $148.00
Savings: $50.00
New SPEED ALERT PRO 360* SWIVEL Dash Mount to Swivel in any Direction 360* SWIVEL MOUNT FOR SPEED ALERT PRO

New SPEED ALERT PRO Dash Mount to Swivel in any Direction

Get the Optimum Viewing Angle for your Speed Alert PRO Device with the all New 360* Swivel Mount with magnetic attachment for easy transfer from vehicle to vehicle

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $24.00
Savings: $21.00
AIR VENT MOUNT for Speed Alert PRO >> Daschcam Mount and Smartphone Air Vent Mount - MAGNETIC SPEED ALERT PRO - Vent Mount

Air Vent Mount for Speed Alert PRO Device

If you feel the Best Visual spot for your Speed Alert PRO Device is on your interior Air Vents then purchase this great Accessory. The Perfect way to fully Perfect your Speed Alert Device positioning and visual response. Fully Magnetic so you can remove your Speed Alert PRO device and put it in the Glove-box for added security when not being used or Parking.

List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Savings: $27.00

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